Cat Pushes KNIFE Under Bathroom Door In Protest When Pet-sitter Leaves Him In Other Room

You are about to see the bizarre moment a feisty feline shows his pet sitter who’s boss by sliding a knife under the bathroom door when she left him to go to the bathroom. Gracie Gardner was looking after a friend’s apartment in New York and taking care of their cat.

The mischievous little kitty absolutely refused to be left alone for more than a few seconds so staged a threatening protest when Ms Gardner closed the bathroom door on him. Footage filmed by Ms Gardner clearly shows a knife being pushed under a closed door by a white paw.

The menacing paw then comes out from under the door again and seems to try and take the knife back, however, isn’t quite manage it. Ms Gardner stated: ‘After this, I had to leave the door open and I had to hide the knives in a drawer.

‘The knives were on one of those magnetic holders on the wall by the counter.

‘I think he’d just bat them down from there and push them under the door to get my attention.’

She then posted the video of the pestering pet on Twitter and it has already been viewed 3.7million times. She went ahead and captioned the video by saying: ‘Once this cat I was pet sitting would get so upset that I was leaving him alone when I went to the bathroom and closed the door that he would dislodge a knife from the magnetic knife holder and slide it under the door’.

Cats who just so happen to suffer from separation anxiety often present attention-seeking behavior. According to Cat Behavior Associates this behavior can actually include stealing things or knocking things off tables.

The organization, founded by cat expert and author of best-selling cat training books – Pam Johnson-Bennett, recommends that you ignore your feline friend when they are pestering you and positively reinforcing good behavior.